Monday, April 02, 2007

Good weekend

Ahhh, a good weekend. Got out for 2:40 on Saturday solo and then rode with the boys on Sunday for 2:20. A total of 5 hours in the saddle- can't complain!

What great weather, but this is New England- so today it's snowing/sleeting/raining with temps in the mid 30's. That's the weather for the next few days so yipee!

The girls come back from Florida tomorrow. I'm ready to have them home, it's been nice to be able to sneak out for a ride at any time that I want but it's also too quite!

The new bikes are slowly coming together. I pressed the headset and put in the BB on the El Mariachi- on the road bike front I looked at the new frame and drooled.

I've got new disc brakes on order so I figure I'll wait for those instead of pulling brakes off of one of the other bikes. I'm still waiting for a couple other parts and the new BB tool for the road bike- but soon, very soon.

Back to yesterdays ride, it was great to get out with A1 and JJ. We're racing Crank the Kanc as a team time trial- so it was nice to get out and ride with the three of us. We didn't really do any TT specific work in terms of pull intervals, but A1 and I had some fun racing to town and state lines. A1 ended up winning the last sprint back into NH with a ballsy move into traffic. I'm fearful of when he finally figures out how to sprint cuz the boy's got power. So until that day I'll use every tactic and trick I know to try and rack up some points- because the day is drawing near when I won't be able to touch him in a sprint.

JJ showed composure as this was an LSD ride for him, so he hung back and noodled along while testosterone got the better of A1 and I when we would see a town or state line.

For those who aren't familiar with where we live, we're in NH but real close to ME, so it's not uncommon to cris-cross back and forth over the state line numerous times in a fairly short ride.

So that's it from me. Later- DEA

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